This Journey into Yourself is an eye-opening business academy based on LeaderSHIFT through MINDfulness program. We designed it for leaders, managers or business professionals who wish to build and sustain high performance and well being. Furthermore, this journey into yourself will teach you to find your own creativity and mindfulness. Consequently, you will build healthy mental habits and will greatly improve both your professional and personal life. Finally, it will push you to reach your full potential.


Be honest with yourself, answer these questions:

    • Do you feel it’s time for a new challenge? 
    • Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by your responsibilities at home, at work?
    • Are you trying to juggle too many things and losing your focus on what is important?
    • Have you lost clarity of the big picture and your purpose and dreams?
    • Do you struggle to find balance and to prioritise the right things inside and outside of the office?
    • Have you lost your passion and drive?
    • Do you want to communicate more clearly and effectively with your clients, managers, employees and colleagues?
    • Do you feel stuck? 
    • Unmotivated?
    • Do you feel overworked?
    • Are you looking for a change?
    • Self-aware?
    • Are you an open-minded individual?
    • Are you a business person?

If you have answered “YES” to the majority of the questions look no further and join us in Bali to discover:

Who you are in your personal and business life
What drives you
What is important for you and how to focus better
How you can be more effective leader
What is your passion
Which beliefs and fears are stopping you to reach your full potential
What tools you need to set right priorities and values

Journey into Yourself – tap into your full potential

Leave your briefcase at home and join us on a journey of your self-discovery, adventure and development. As a result, this Journey into Yourself will drive you to reach your full potential. And more, our 7-day leadership program will help you discover your passion, drive and provide you with the right tools to succeed.  

Strictly based on neuroscience,  scientific evidence and experience, the  LeaderSHIFT through MINDfulness  program encourages focus and mindfulness.

Secondly, it helps building key capabilities to maintain composure in stressful situations.

Furthermore, it facilitates the acceptance of diversity and reality as they are.

 As a result, you feel much more confident in making optimal decisions in terms of emotion and rationality by keeping a positive attitude. In addition, it builds the core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership. 

Of course we have not forgotten about the fun! So, we have number of adventures, trips and activities planned for your stay to complement the programme in the tranquil Bali.

After the Journey into Yourself

Rich your full potential

Together we will explore a holistic life. But, we'll do this by integrating environment, culture, creativity in our daily roles and responsibilities.
Furthermore, we will visit many sacred places and thus will connect with the beautiful nature and local traditions.

Live in harmony

Our program incorporates business techniques for emotional intelligence, personalized communication style, mindful movement, eating and aromatherapy.
Most importantly, we provide skills that you can integrate in your personal and professional life.

As a Leader

Our academy focuses on creating profound change on a personal and professional level. Consequently, it will ensure your personal success and prosperity.
To sum up, we bring years of passion, energy, experience and thus, to support you become the best leader you can be.

Spend a little time for yourself!